Get the highest commissions available. Get paid promptly.

At Telecom Resource Group, we take pride in enabling our partners to support their clients for telecom services procurement and support.

We partner with:

  • Phone vendors and LAN vendors
  • Consultants
  • Independent sales reps

We provide a valuable extra layer of support to help our partners succeed in selling telecom services and solutions, thus adding a valuable new dimension to your business. 

While we try to make selling carrier services as easy and profitable as possible, some VARs and integrators choose to work with our direct sales force in a referral relationship so they can focus on their core business.  Others either work as an agent or a referral partner but also refer agents to us through our agent referral program. 

However you decide to partner with Telecom Resource Group, know that we lead the industry in fast back office support as well as the time it takes to get paid.  Let us prove to you how effective partnering with Telecom Resource Group can be.

Types of Partnerships

  • Sales Partner: Consultants, MSPs, phone vendors, LAN vendors and more come to Telecom Resource Group to get the top dollar and extra support.  We are confident that we will exceed your expectations in all categories.
  • Referral Partner: We partner our direct reps and strategic partners with specific areas of expertise so they can efficiently trade leads and focus on your core products and services.
  • Partner Referral: Sales Partners, Referral Partners and people who just have well developed networks can receive an override on every single sales partner referral sale!

That commitment extends to everyone our company touches. To learn more about becoming a Telecom Resource Group Partner, contact us today!