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TRG announces internal CRM platform

We are excited to announce the development and deployment of our organically grown CRM.  TRG likes to view this as a combination of CRM and RPM platforms.  This platform will allow you to enter opportunities that need to be quoted, track order work-flow, and monitor commissions from both a spiff and residual perspective.  The most exciting part is that it can all be accessed via the Telecom Resource Group web-site, .

Telecom Resource Group SIgns Partnership with Tower Cloud

We are very excited to add to out ever exapnding portfolio.  Tower Cloud gives us the ability to offer dedicated internet access to rural areas throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.  This is a GREAT fit for those business opportunities in which you would simply walk away from in the past. They also have the ability to install services very quickly.


Check out their network maps on this link:  


Thank you for your continued support and partnerships.


TRG inks deal with Net2Phone

I am excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with Net2Phone. They have an outstanding hosted PBX platform that will provide you with not only state of the art features but also provides your customers with unlimited long distance calling, both domestic and 25 select International countries. They can also provide SIP trunks at 15.00 a month that are inclusive of same unlimited long distance calling.  International DID's required? problem as Net2Phone can also provide International DID's to over 45 countries.

VOIP Services Market Up 5 Percent in 2015

The global voice over IP (VoIP) service market totaled $73 billion in 2015, a 5 percent increase over the prior year fueled by businesses’ move to cloud-based services and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), as well as service providers’ de-emphasis of legacy voice connectivity.


At Google, pressure mounts to find something beyond search

Google became one of the most powerful companies on the planet by addressing a once-in-a-generation problem: Make it easy for people to search for stuff online.

How IT is struggling to cope with the weight of SaaS applications

Corporate IT departments are drowning in the deluge of SaaS app requests, according to a report from BetterCloud.

The key to maximising the advantages of cloud security

Despite the pervasive use of the cloud to handle complex, secure workloads, many organisations question whether the cloud is natively secure. They still think that the security of a system depends on their ability to touch and control a physical device.

Why CIOs are worrying about the future of their IT infrastructure – and their own role

CIOs continue to mop their brow over whether their IT infrastructure is good enough to meet their organisation’s long term requirements whilst worrying about where they fit in, according to a new piece of research released by EMC.

Cable's broadband count will increase by additional 3.4M subs in 2016, says research firm

Cable is on track to add another 3.4 million broadband subscribers in 2016, and will continue to take market share away from the receding telco sector, Evercore ISI told its investors.

Cox brings 1 Gbps service to middle Georgia, lays greater challenge to AT&T

Cox Communications is bringing its 1 Gbps show to the middle Georgia market, laying a greater challenge to AT&T (NYSE: T) and other gigabit players in the state.

Google Fiber freebie comes to an end in Kansas CIty

Google has axed the free option for Fiber users in Kansas City, Missouri.

Microsoft’s Underwater Data Center

Telcom Resource Group has recently learned that Microsoft has developed a data center in an extremely unusual place- the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Microsoft has recently unveiled Project Natick, an initiative to bring cloud computing infrastructure to cities that are closer to bodies of water such as the ocean. It is estimate that half of the world’s population lives within 200km of the ocean, so placement of data centers underwater can strategically improve efficiency and response.

Buyers Line Up For Yahoo, Verizon Included

The longtime internet company Yahoo is on the block again, and one of its bidders appears to benone other than Verizon.

Equinix Unveils Data Hubs for the Enterprise

The ways in which enterprises assemble their network infrastructure have been evolving rapidly as the industry-wide shift to the cloud accelerates.

Google Fiber signs agreement for fiber huts in Portland, Ore., moving gigabit plans forward

Google Fiber (NASDAQ: GOOG) has taken yet another step forward in its movement into the Portland, Ore., market by securing a first land-use application so it can build fiber huts to deliver 1 Gbps service to area residents.

Zayo Buys Clearview

Zayo expanded its cloud and colocation footprint via a another M&A late last week.

FCC's Wheeler points to opportunities for small businesses created by open Internet rules

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the agency's net neutrality rules have created more opportunities for small businesses, which will likely stand as a key point in the agency's new report to Congress on the state of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

How to Leverage WiFi To Expand Your Business

Over the years, WiFi has turned out to be an integral part of all businesses. The convenience of WiFi connectivity has grown from a commodity to an amenity and more recently, an effective marketing tool. It facilitates the increased mobility of today’s workforce and has eased business decisions notably with increased accessibility.

AT&T says cable's EoHFC is a real competitive threat in special access game

AT&T (NYSE: T) has joined the chorus of traditional ILECs that say cable operators' Ethernet over HFC service is a viable competitive alternative threat in the wholesale special access market.