Phone Equipment & Cabling

IP Telephony is quickly becoming the minimum standard for business phone communication. Not only are IP-based systems now competitively priced compared to traditional TDM systems – they also offer a number of other distinct advantages.


Bottom-line savings achieved by using an IP infrastructure as opposed to PSTN (public switched telephone network) don’t just come in the form of circuit cost savings:

  • IP telephony also saves time and money with employee MACs (moves, adds and changes) because you can eliminate the need for an outside vendor, as well as the hundreds of dollars in labor it once required.
  • In addition, consolidating your voice and data infrastructure will make it easier for your IT team to manageby unifying management and support.
  • You can even retain and recruit personnel from outside of a specific geographical location more easily.Improved Capabilities = Better Customer Service. IP telephony introduces a whole new range of value-added features that take you far beyond a simple phone connection.
  • By leveraging advanced applications, your employees can access detailed caller information, allowing them to provide a higher level of personalized service to customers.
  • Skills-based routing and intuitive self-service options ensure that your customers will experience less frustration as they more easily get the help they need. Productivity & Mobility Boost. With IP telephony productivity programs, employees can easily share information and reach each other more quickly – even as they travel and work from remote locations. By removing some of the steps required to move business forward – endless voicemails back and forth, waiting for replies – you can shorten the decision-making process, and watch your enterprise grow.

The Right IP Telephony Solution for YOU

No matter where you are in your Unified Communications quest, Tri-County Telecom takes a one-client-at-a-time approach to determining the best IP telephony solutions for your business.

After close examination of your business processes, we work with you to customize an implementation strategy that makes sense for your budget, timeline and specific needs. The Communications Experts outstanding staff of certified industry experts draws on decades of experience – not only in telephony but in business communications and technology – to provide our clients with quality solutions. We are proud to partner with the industry’s most innovative leaders to provide cutting-edge answers to your Unified Communications and telephony challenges, including: NEC, Avaya, Cisco, and Samsung.


Your structured cabling system provides the critical foundation and infrastructure for your business. The caliber and performance of your Information Systems and the networks they run on can mean the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive business environment. Our structured cabling systems provide outstanding performance, reliability, manageability, and a potential for growth. Do not get stuck running today’s network on yesterday’s infrastructure. Whether you are opening a new office, expanding your current facility, or upgrading your network and components, call us to evaluate your voice, data, and video cabling to be sure your project moves in a forward direction. We install, test, and certify:

  • Category 5E
  • Category 6 / 6E
  • Category 7
  • Telephone Extension Jacks
  • Phone System Moves
  • Adding phone and data jacks
  • Coax RG6 / RG59 Video
  • Fiber Optic multi-mode