Website Design & Development

Web Design

Easy to Use
A good website starts out with a good user experience. The primary purpose of your site is to provide information to your users - whoever they may be: customers, fans, clients, friends, employees, etc... They all have one thing in common, they are going to your site for information. No matter if it is your phone number, or to learn more about what you do, your users want to find the information quickly and efficiently

Professional & Aesthetically Pleasing, but not Overdone
Each site demands its own look and feel, and needs to have a customized layout especially tuned to your specific needs. While you will want your site to look good and have some flare, it is important to keep true to the good user experience mind-set and keep things clean & organized. Gone are the days of stacking as many widgets and gimmicks into your site as possible, but with the right tools in place, your site can be helpful and pleasant for your users.

TRG offers the full range of web design and development tools and can help you make the right decisions about your site.

    Web Development

    • latest web tech
    • cross-browser compatibility
    • responsive theming for mobile devices


    • sell products online
    • receive payments through your site
    • allow customers to easily purchase services

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • get found in search engines
    • attract the right traffic
    • organic results are more trusted than paid ads

    Web Hosting

    • fast and secure servers with SSL
    • no limits on space
    • no limits on bandwidth usage

Site Maintenance

Once your site is built, is it finished? No! Your site will never be finished. There is always more you want to say to your users and more your users want to know from your site.

Completely Maintained
If time is of the essence, and you would rather phone it in than toddle about in cyberspace, then TRG will manage your site completely. This makes it very easy for you and gives you more time to run your organization, rather than spending time on your web presence. It is up to the client to determine how much or how little TRG will maintain the site after completion.

User Maintained
TRG helps minimize the costs of updating your site by building in a user interface that is easy for anyone to use - no coding at all for the user. The customized user back-end can be set to allow certain access levels to make updates - meaning you can make updates to your site as easy as updating a blog, log in and post or edit.

Multiple access levels can be used for a number of different functions depending on your specific needs. A common use of multiple access levels would be multiple content editors. Each content editor might only have access to one page or one section of the site. Another use might be selling informative videos - when the customer purchases a video, they are then given access to their purchase.

The sky is the limit

Contact us today and show us your current website to see what we can do for you, or bring us your idea for a web site and we can discuss the possibilities.